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Spring composite fabric bulk orders increased

Spring composite fabric bulk orders increased

       Recently, the sales volume of the spring apparel composite fabrics in the traditional markets of China Textile City increased compared with that of the previous period. After the New Year's holiday, the customers of the counterparts looked like or sample orders increased, and some of the composite fabrics still received orders in bulk. Delivered small volume see large, marketing highlights reproduction. The price is still relatively strong, the new style of fabric added value of local products have been boosted. In the spring apparel dual-use composite fabrics were listed on the market increased compared with the previous period, counterparts look like or sample order is still increased, some of the large-scale operation of composite fabrics orders to undertake a surge, the local shops are still bulk shipments, polyester jacquard Ma complex cloth, printed composite cloth, PU coated composite cloth, velveteen composite cloth, gold velvet composite parts of the bulk dynamic sales, some large-scale operating outlets more varieties of color fabric orders to undertake relatively smooth.
      Recent market, knitted gold flower velvet, velvet and knit hot velvet and polyester DTY knitted fabric two layers of the best-selling time, fashion style novelty difference, with special black sparse peony flowers, green at the end of thin golden yellow Sunflower, Baolan Darse scarlet red rose partial best-selling, but also to print velveteen, embossed gold velvet fabric and polyester DTY knitted fabric of the second floor of the continued popularity of cloth, Shandong Jimo, Linyi occasional bulk shipments This type of fabric to the spring season fashion women making casual tops, a hand clothing-based, well received by the apparel manufacturers counterparts applauded, partial volume of the transaction was still smooth day after day.
      To knitted hollow jacquard lace fabric surface, and polyester light FDY diamond wire thin knitted fabric two-tier composite cloth when the best-selling, special black, beige, white, bleached, orange, green, Cuilan color fabric local small and medium batch Delivery, customers in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Qiao Si occasional small batch delivery.
      T / T pure polyester yarn 32S knitted printed pearl cashmere fabric and polyester DTY knitted fabric for the end of the second floor of the best-selling fabric layout, style constantly refurbished to follow the international and domestic trends to the end of dense bleached irregular Special black polka dots imitation leopard skin pattern, irregular orange at the end of the special black dots imitation leopard skin style, especially black thick colorful circle flower, special black and white combination of dots, especially dense black and white colorful floral patterns , At the end of dense black and white cartoon flower pattern local shops are still bulk shipments.